Music guide complete & Dr. Tamamo

Hora hora guys.

So, I’ve been trawling through the code and learning a little more about it, expect an attack page coming up soon, some bits will be in depth so they may get their own page though.

I’ve also been making a few tweaks, specifically on the music area which you can find here. It’s not much, but it’s on giving custom scenarios your own battle music and it’s actually quite simple. I’ve thrown in a bit on how to disable the “monster appears” jingle too in an effort to cap the section off.

Oh, and expect Dr Tamamo to be making an appearance soon also! I’m stitching together some very basic tutorial themed battles which give you the bare bones of a battle so you can experiment with the coding with a little more ease. As time goes on these will show more examples such as adding attacks, coding in counter attacks, avoidable attacks and so on.

Don’t be expecting too much hentai in them though, as these are purely going to be for “educational”  purposes to help people get the hang of the code.

Unfortunate out!


Day 2: A basic modus operandi

I’ve been working out how to put down the information in a bite-size format that works and should be easy to grasp. For now I’ll be making pages for each block of code, what they do and so on. I will also be putting up shorter tutorials on how to do specific things a little more in depth, so if you’re looking into having a status attack, a variable one or anything similar those items will be in their own bits.

I’ll be going through the code and making some more new pages today, however I’m also taking on two projects with my own custom battle which will be helping me learn about how the code works and to put out once it’s complete.

I’m also maing a standalone version of Satania’s battle in Camel’s mod and will be translating that into english while formatting it so it can work by itself. If you see any japanese mods around and fancy me having a look at them I can have a go at taking those on too.